How to be Confident In a Relationship: 3 Ways

A Beautiful Couple

I strongly believe that confidence – in all of its forms – is most authentic when it comes from a vulnerable place; in relationships, this place is your heart.  A vulnerable person is a fearless person because he/she trusts their emotions in the hands of others.  When you are able to share a piece of yourself, both physically and metaphorically, you are putting trust in another, and believing that they will handle with care.  In other words, you are living confidently and securely.

3 Simple Ways to Achieve a Confident and Secure Relationship

1. Know Yourself

It all starts with you!  What words would you use to describe yourself?  Are you smart, confident, classy, secure, fun, easygoing, etc?   Do you have a clear definition of yourself?  Or a personalized mission statement and goal you live by?  The trick is to figure out who you are and then act on it.  If you say you’re a passionate person, find pleasure in the simple and mundane.  Are you a loving person? Then proactively communicate with kindness and care.  Are you reasonable?  If so, then take a few moments to consider the actions of another before reacting too quickly.     When you align your actions with your most authentic thoughts, you begin to understand what works for you and what doesn’t; and this clarity will help you achieve a self-confident state.

2. Know Your Partner

Get a clue! The easiest way to know your partner is to hear them.  Your partner will communicate with you in a number of ways and all you have to do is be there to listen. Listen to the words, the actions and the emotions your partner communicates; and you will know all you have to about your partner’s inner desires.  Be present, clear and embrace every single moment you have with the person you are choosing to be with and everything you need to know about your partner will come in perfect focus.

3. Know Your Relationship

It takes two! Very similar to the steps you should take to know yourself, figure out the dream you have for your relationship.  Make sure your partner shares the same goals; and do what you need to do to align your relationship with that vision.  Then allow yourself to embark on your relationship as a true partnership and team.

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