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Raise your hand if you’ve never been on a horrible date with the wrong guy, never gotten a creepy message from some weirdo on an online dating site, and never found yourself wishing you didn’t have to hide what you really want from a guy you’re seeing. What’s that? No hands up? I’m shocked.

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It isn’t the 1950s anymore. We don’t have to wait to be discovered and wooed by Mr. Right. But—surprise, surprise—some of us still want that. The beauty of it is we have choices. The downside is things can get confusing and even occasionally scary. At Connectricity, you don’t have to hide and you don’t have to settle. I introduce you to men who can really make you happy, no matter which direction you want the relationship to take.

So if you’re tired of the bar scene, fed up with online dating sites, and ready to meet men who are worth getting dressed up for, get in touch! Solid, successful, and engaging men use Connectricity to discover women like you..