About Us

What is Connectricity?

Connectricity is a professional matchmaking service. We fuse the science of “on-paper” compatibility with the personalized care of a friend who wants to see you happy. Our clients are highly selective because they’re ready to find lasting love and know they won’t find it with just anyone.

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Why Connectricity?

People hire personal matchmakers like me because I take the legwork, frustration, and sheer randomness out of the search for a partner. I use a vast network of personal connections and an innovative set of matchmaking techniques to find someone who excites and complements you. After coming to a fundamental understanding of your needs, I employ a mix of proven compatibility metrics, good old intuition, and even a bit of neuroscience to match you with someone within the Connectricity network who is looking for what you’re looking for—someone who will very likely spark your interest

Frequently Ask Questions

Our professional matchmakers will match you to the most compatible man or woman based on the wants and needs you’ve outlined during our initial consultation.

Our professional matchmakers will find your mate either through our extensive database filled with eligible men and women or through our network of hundreds of matchmakers around the globe.

We take the legwork, frustration, and sheer randomness out of the search for a partner. 

Don’t be too sure. Our database is filled with so many different people from all walks of life.

Yes, we work with people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Not at all. Hire us to do all the work. All you have to do is prepare yourself to go on dates.

Only after permission is received is when contact information is exchanged. Otherwise, only first names and general information is shared prior to the date. Additionally, photos are not shared.

Clients hire us to find their ‘Person.’ Members join our database for free to meet our clients.

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