Love isn't an equation

Ladies Haven’t found him yet? Let us find him for you! I’m a woman
Gentlemen Haven’t find her yet? Let us find her for you! I’m a man

Welcome to Connectricity

Professional Matchmaking Service

Connectricity is a new and exciting professional matchmaking service. We fuse the science of “on-paper” compatibility with the personalized care of a friend who wants to see you happy. Our clients are highly selective because they’re ready to find lasting love and know they won’t find it with just anyone

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How this works


No pressure, no contract, no fees. You and I meet one-on-one and talk honestly about what you’re looking for. I’ll tell you about how I might be able to help.

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No essays or frivolous questions for you to show how “quirky” you are, just some essential guideposts to help me get to know you.

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Your date can be planned out for you in its entirety. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own imagination...

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In our third meeting, you tell me about your date and I give you some informed feedback to help make the next one even better.

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Meet the matchmaker

Hi. I’m Trenia Norford

I believe everyone has a spark–that special something that makes them not only different from everyone else, but infinitely valuable to other people who need exactly that kind of spark in their lives.

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Your story is about to take an interesting turn…

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