Our Success Stories

Trenia delivered with flying colors.

“Right from the initial contact, Trenia exudes a level of professionalism and personal touch unlike anyone else. She was very attentive to my concerns and questions and made the entire process feel very fluid and natural. I always thought that finding the perfect girl for me was out of reach, but, Trenia delivered with flying colors. It really makes a difference working with someone who is truly passionate about what they do. I will be recommending Connectricity to anyone who wants to find true happiness.”

Senior Sales Representative

With Connectricity’s help, I found my soul mate.

“As a busy professional woman in my late 40’s, I was always “unsure” about the men I dated. I wanted and needed more than just a date or someone to hang out with. I wanted to connect with someone who shared my values—someone I can talk to, listen to, and respect. With Connectricity’s help, I found my soul mate. I also came to realize that love can be many things, but one thing it could never be is “unsure”. We are both “sure” we were made for each other. Thank you so much, Trenia.”

Nonprofit Executive Director

A million thanks to Trenia and Connectricity!

“It scares me to think that I hesitated to pursue this adventure, because if I hadn’t, I never would have met my love mate! He is an amazing person; I love him and (thankfully) he loves me. In fact, next week we’re flying to California to meet his parents. Our plan is to get married in the fall, and I couldn’t be happier. A million thanks to Trenia and Connectricity!”


I loved working with Trenia, she made what I thought would be a scary experience a smooth and comfortable one.

“I felt like I was confiding in a friend. And to top it off, she connected me with my true soul mate. Now I’m planning a wedding! Thank you so much, Trenia!”

University Professor

I’d never been on a blind date before and admittedly had some apprehension.

“Trenia never pushed, but kept assuring me there was somebody she felt I should meet. After a few weeks I took her up on her offer and was so glad I did. The connection was immediate, and I feel this may be the start of something truly special. Being introduced by someone who has gotten to know you makes all the difference, and regardless of what the future may bring, I believe my life has been irrevocably changed for the better. Thank you Trenia!”

Business Advisor

When I was asked by Trenia, if I would ever go a blind date my first response was a flat out, “no.”

“I thought to myself: “I’m pretty, I don’t need help” and “I can find my own man.” Then I realized that I needed some help since my last relationship sank like the Titanic. Trenia set me up with a great guy, and it was a first/blind date high for a week. He was well dressed with an AMAZING smile that just grabbed me. I never would have guessed that a blind date would last 5 hours. When I came home I had to tell someone so I texted Trenia and told her that I had a great time. I felt as though I was 16 years old again laying on bed with my feet in the air when I did. Not sure why she was holding back this guy, but all great things happen for a reason and I am happy that she waited for the right moment to introduce us. Date three is right around the corner, thank you Trenia!”

Account Manager