Dating Tips for Men On How to Get a Girlfriend

Best Way to Get a Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend may seem as complicated as a physics lesson, but it really comes down to intentionality and being emotionally mature. Here are some helpful dating tips for men to keep in mind along your journey to getting a girlfriend.

Tips for Men to Keep in Mind Along Your Journey to Getting a Girlfriend:

Like Yourself First

As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. Self-love and cultivating solid friendships are essential places to start in your own personal journey of romance and connection. If you don’t know how to have friendships with people well, you won’t know how to handle the nuances of romance. If you don’t love and respect yourself for who you are, you can’t look for that elsewhere to fill that in you. On the flip side, if you love yourself, and have a solid community of friends, women will see you as confident, emotionally competent, and stable–an important first step to the stages of dating.

Listen Up

Most women like to talk. You don’t always have to have some golden solution in response, though. If you can simply tune in and listen, and ask meaningful questions that show that you’re listening—then, sir, you’re paving the way beautifully for snagging a girlfriend. Any dating coach for men will steer you first and foremost to being a good listener.

Look in the Right Place

Different guys might have different ideas of why they want a girlfriend. If you’re a decent human being, then chances are you want a steady relationship with a stable individual, which means starting in the right place in your stages of dating. That means you probably shouldn’t look for them in a random pub or bar crawl. Certain types of dating apps and websites, mutual friends, and community and religious organizations are all great places to meet new people and find someone who fits what you’re looking for.

Be Intentional

From planning dates out to always offering to pay, there are so many ways that you can clearly communicate your intentions. You don’t have to come on so strong that your anxieties take you over and scare a girl off, though! Just be reliable with things like date times and giving clear directions to a location, or always having a backup plan in case plans have to change unexpectedly. Then there’s the follow-up texting. If you want to be a tease, you can wait a few days and do that silly dance. Or if you want to be simple and clear, always text to make sure your date made it home safely that night after, or send a simple text that communicates you enjoyed spending time with them. Being simple when first starting out dating someone is always better, but advice from a dating coach for men might also help.

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