4 Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for Men

The list of what to do and what not to do on a date for men could track miles and miles long. Women may not know what they want, but they sure know what they don’t!

4 Dating tips for Men to Guide You Fellas in the Rocky Realm of Dating

1. Have a Plan

It’s simple. It’s profound. Whenever a man has a date plan already established in his mind before he asks a girl out, it can speak volumes of your sense of thoughtfulness, responsibility, and overall considerateness as a human being. In the stages of dating, being prepared is where to start. Come to her with a plan, and she’ll be jazzed that you took the time to think it through.

2. Communication Is More Than Words

The nuances of nonverbal communication deserve their own dissertation, and then some. It’s important for you to keep in mind that an important aspect of communication with your date is recognizing that, sometimes, they just want you to shut up and listen to them talk. Make sure that you’re taking the time and space to really listen to what the other person is saying, without constantly thinking of witty responses in your head to make yourself sound great. Any dating advice guru will emphasize listening and good communication as key. Women appreciate a great listener. It communicates emotional maturity and genuineness.

3. Chill Out

Crack a few jokes. Start off by asking really ridiculous questions. Don’t take yourself so seriously that your date feels like she’s in a job interview. More than any other to-dos on the list, make sure that you’re just relaxed and being yourself. No amount of insight from a dating advice guru can help you just be yourself–so, if all your planning fails, focus on that and smile a lot. If you’re nervous at any point, take a couple of slow, deep breaths to calm yourself down. It works.

4. The Details

Do you pay, or do you not pay? In truth, every woman is going to be a little bit different in what she expects on a first or even tenth date. Always offer to pay when you’re on a first date, or are still just getting to know someone. They can interject and argue you into splitting the cost on date number three or so—but the rule of thumb the the initial stages of dating is that the man forks out the dough.

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