A Calm Nervous System Is the Way for a Healthy Relationship

Have you found yourself drawn to the “bad boy?” Do you dream about the female “perfect 10 model” standing beside you? It’s completely understandable if you answered yes to these questions. Most people have at some point in their lives. However, one of the most important questions in relationships is: does your partner calm your nervous system?

A huge reason why long-term relationships work is that within them there is a feeling of home. After a long day, happily married couples look forward to sharing a warm conversation or connection. It is special to know that your husband or wife has your back and wants to boost your emotions. Knowing that you are with a partner who makes you feel safe and heard is what relationships are truly about.

Living in a continuous state of the “fight or flight” response can negatively impact one’s nervous system and in turn partnership. If you are newly dating someone, it’s vital to tune in to how he or she makes you feel inside. Do they listen well, display empathy, and have a manner that supports you? Does your date smile, laugh, and give you a warm embrace in situations? Lastly, do you feel calmer after interactions with them? Butterflies from attraction should be there, but these questions are necessary to think about during your dating process.

It is essential for husbands and wives to calm each other’s nervous systems. The validation of one’s experiences creates healthy relationships. Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” That famous movie line embodies the nature of true connection. When you are dating or in a relationship, bringing your partner a feeling of peace is what everyone is truly seeking. It’s home.

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