Stop Swiping, Start Dating!

Are you tired of swiping on dating apps? Are you feeling frustrated by not connecting with the right people?  You are not alone and there is a solution! Working with a professional matchmaker is a terrific way to solve these issues and help you find your special someone.

With the abundance of dating apps and social media sites, one can get caught up in swiping faces for days or months.  It’s problematic for many reasons, including that people are comparing real human beings to images they see online.  The photos in profiles are edited and not what singles even look like in person.  It’s important for those looking for love to search for a real-life partner, not an Instagram husband or wife. 

In addition, many people feel like it’s a game on the apps, rather than a tool to find a meaningful relationship.  Swiping can be mind-numbing; it’s as though there is an endless abyss of faces.  Singles using these sites may finally come across a possible match and get their hopes up. The exchange is often a stream of small-talk text messages, which unfortunately fizzles out before a date occurs.  It can make online daters feel dejected.  New studies are now showing that swiping can lead to lower self-esteem because of this disappointment and rejection.

So, what is the solution? An amazing, healthy, and intentional way of meeting one’s mate is working with a professional matchmaker.  We help singles direct their journey to love.  Clients hire us to find their “person.”  After coming to an understanding of your needs, we employ a plan and find you professional, wonderful compatible singles to date.  Our experience and skills take the legwork, frustration, and randomness out of your search for a partner.  We provide fun and romantic date-planning, personal assistance, and everyone is vetted by our professional matchmakers. Singles can also join our database for free to meet our clients. The advantage of becoming a client is that we give you a personalized service and search daily to find the partner that you deserve.  Are you ready to put an end to online dating fatigue?  We truly want to help you find “The One”!  

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