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How To Find a Reputable Matchmaker? Easy Steps

When finding a compatible partner, many single people have become disappointed when it comes to dating.

While there are many dating apps now available in the market, it is not always a hundred percent successful and there are even instances that people get scammed because of these dating apps.

Good thing though, using matchmaking services is another viable way to find the “One” that you have been looking for.

What is a Matchmaker?

Matchmaker offers specialized services for those who want to find their match when all other ways fail. They are professionals who introduce their clients to others, where they can potentially develop a romantic relationship.

It can help provide access to like-minded individuals who have undergone extensive screening such as their personality traits and others, to save you time and energy by simplifying the dating process.

However, not every matchmaker is made equal. Thus, it’s crucial to conduct research or study to identify the most suitable matchmaker for your requirements.

The following advice may help you locate the ideal matchmaker:

How to Find a Reputable Matchmaker: Easy Steps

Finding a matchmaker should be an easy one. Using the internet will probably provide you with two or more matchmaker suggestions. However, finding a reputable one may be a challenge.

While there are many matchmaker services available in the market, not all can be understood or can be suitable for you.

So, to be sure that you choose the suitable one for you here are some easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Do Your Research

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The first step in finding a reputable matchmaker is to do your research. Look for testimonials and reviews of matchmakers near you.

Be sure that they have a great presence online so you will know about their services and fees including their success rate. 

Learn how to spot the bad apple by comparing different matchmakers. Some matchmakers over-promise and under-deliver. They might promise you things that are good to be true and when the time has come for you to meet your “supposed” match, they are already off the market.

It is also important to know what you want or expect before contacting a matchmaker so it will be easier to narrow down your list of potential matches.

Step 2: Evaluate About the Matchmaker’s Experience

It’s crucial to take their experience into account when selecting a matchmaker.  Look out for matchmakers with a background in working with individuals in your demographic, age range, and relationship objectives.

For instance, if you’re seeking a committed, long-term relationship, look for a matchmaker with that kind of expertise. There are numerous varieties of matchmakers and they each focus on their own niche.

Step 3: Meet with the Matchmaker

It is best to always meet your matchmaker face to face. Of course, to know that they exist. Schedule an appointment and from there and discuss their services and process.

Get a sense of how professional they are and what is the personality of your matchmaker. This is also a great time to ask questions and some concerns, if you happen to have one, to have a full picture of the match-making process.

Additionally, it would be best to gauge how the matchmaker communicates and if it aligns with your personality as well.

Step 4:  Ask for Recommendations

Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who may have used a matchmaker or know someone who has. Personal referrals can be valuable and of course, safer from scams or fraud.

You may also want to ask for references from past clients. A reputable matchmaker should be willing to provide references to demonstrate their track record and client satisfaction.

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Step 5: Check Out their Credentials

It is best to find matchmakers who belong to or are members of professional organizations to ensure their legitimacy. These days many websites and apps are scammers or fraud.

Hence, it is best to check their credentials thoroughly. Check out their client success stories such as reviews, testimonials, and the like.

Weighing urgency, priorities in life, deal-breakers, location, lifestyle, and service level is something that you should consider when looking for a matchmaker.

There is no perfect app or matchmaking service. Hence, choose wisely.

Matchmaking Services Cost

When talking about cost, matchmaking services vary. It can cost anywhere from $1,000 to well over $100,000 to hire a matchmaker with experience.

Some even cost seven figures. Wondering why? That’s because it depends on your prospective partner’s qualities, the kind of matchmaking service you desire, and other factors.

However, some services do not advertise their fee. Hence, you need to either do a trial or ask for a quote to know how much their service cost.

In any event, you don’t always have to spend a huge amount just to find the right matchmaking services. Some services don’t charge too much while others offer free services.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Matchmaker?

Professional matchmakers are experts and they can aid you in establishing your dating goals, create an effective dating plan, and guide you through the dating process. Matchmakers can also give you feedback on your profile and how to handle them.

With their help, you will be able to have the confidence and assertiveness that you need while navigating through the process of dating and eventually, find the right match for you.

So, if you are still having difficulties in finding the right “one” or gave up on finding your “love”, then hiring a professional matchmaker can help you.

Connectricity is a professional matchmaking service that will match you to the most compatible man or woman based on the wants and needs you require.

Our exclusive, customized process gets right to the heart of what you’re looking for and gives you the chance to let sparks fly!

Learn more about our process and schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth going to a matchmaker?

There are many reasons why going to a matchmaker is worth it. Aside from saving time, energy, and money, you will have a higher chance of finding the “one” you are looking for.

Matchmakers assist you through the process and you don’t have to be scared of being alone while doing it. Additionally, it is safe and discrete.

Are matchmakers better than dating sites?

While you can find people on dating sites, you will be on your own during the process. This is challenging and intimidating for many individuals who are looking for a partner.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of a professional matchmaker’s knowledge and refined intuition when you hire them to assist you in finding the ideal person.

What is the purpose of a matchmaker?

For some individuals, finding someone to share your life can be difficult. Matchmakers are professionals who are trained to make your dating journey fun, hassle-free, and exciting. People who trust matchmakers receive guidance, have less stress, and have a higher possibility of finding their partner.

Paid site or paid matchmaker, which is better?

Paid site and paid matchmaker have their own pros and cons. Whether you use a paid dating site or matchmaker, it is up to you to use your good judgment, recognize warning signs, and know how to screen people.

Make sure that you do proper research and best to ask for recommendations, especially to those who have used the service.

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