10 At-Home Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A week from now and we are all celebrating the Day of Hearts. Unfortunately, in the past few years, many couples weren’t able to spend this special day due to the pandemic. Some even had to stay away from them because of the restrictions in traveling back home or going out.

Fortunately, these days, restrictions are being lifted slowly and many people are beginning to go out and spend time with their loved ones.

If you don’t know what exactly to do on Valentine’s Day, then you are in luck because in this article I will be giving you unique and romantic ideas that you can do with your loved ones on this special day while inside your homes.

Set-Up Breakfast For Your Partner

Start Valentine’s Day right by cooking breakfast for your partner. Make it a surprise and whip up something out of the fridge – like bacon and eggs or some pancake with sweet maple syrup. No matter how small, this sweet gesture will make your partner’s day special. Don’t forget the morning kiss!

Themed Dinner and Movie Night

Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic. Create a romantic ambiance with delicious food and wine before watching a romantic movie. Set up your TV and play movies with Valentine’s theme or love stories. Choose your favorite movie or those that remind you of your first movie date and of course don’t forget the snacks.

Have a Spa Date

Nothing beats a relaxing spa date after a week of tiring work and other activities. Instead of being overwhelmed with all the shenanigans of V-Day, arrange a DIY at-home spa day. Set up the mood with good music and candles. Pamper each other with weird-looking face masks and dip your feet on a relaxing foot spa. And while quietly relaxing with your partner, how about a sip of wine on the sides?

Flirt and Play Hooky

Take a day off from work and spend quality with your partner. Do the things that you can’t do because of the busy schedule. Have breakfast in bed, binge-watch on your favorite shows, cook together or shower together. Reminisce the time how you met and get naughty! It only happens rarely – so why not take advantage of it.

Make a Scrapbook of your Time Together

Remember those pictures that you have kept hidden for years? It’s about time to create a safer storage for them by being artsy and crafty. Take a look at your memories together and compile them all in one place. If you also have memorabilia like old tickets, receipts and the like – place them all together in a scrapbook or album where you can easily get them when needed. This is also the perfect time to reminisce about all the things you’ve done and the places you’ve traveled along together while doing this DIY project.

Write a Love Letter

Too Cheesy? Corny? Nah!

Let’s get old school and get a pen and paper. These days where technology is always the way to communicate, it is always important to get back to your roots and remember how romantic it is to express your feelings in the form of a letter. Giving a love letter means that you take the time to pour out your feelings and tell your partner how much you love them. The time you’ve spent writing the letter can surely warm up the heart especially in these times when most people are too busy to notice or spend quality time with one another.

Play a Game

Feeling competitive? Are you a gamer? If so, get ready to challenge your partner on your favorite game for an enjoyable time together. You may either do computer games or traditional board games. You may even try new couple’s themed games such as Talk, Flirt, Dare, Twenty Questions, or Truth or Dare. How about giving it a try?

Dress Up and Have Dinner

Your favorite restaurant closed down due to the pandemic? There’s no reason that you can’t recreate your very first dinner date in the comfort of your home. Reminisce your first date at home by wearing your best outfit and cooking the first meal that you’ve ever shared. But if cooking is a bit of a hassle, order in and set up a romantic dinner table. Don’t forget your favorite wine or cocktails, okay?

Set-Up a Romantic and Sexy Bedroom Atmosphere

After dinner, this could be the dessert you might be waiting for. Not that you need Valentine’s Day to do this, but this is an opportunity to be creative and experimental. Do some role-play or wear that sexy lingerie that has been kept for years! Set the mood, music, lighting, relax and just have fun.

Stargaze in your Backyard

If you happen to have a large backyard, why not set up camp and sleep under the stars? Create a bonfire and prepare some smores and other snacks while gazing up in the stars that night. Make the ambiance as comfortable as possible by building a tent and listening to a romantic music. If you happen to be a great musician, bring out that guitar and sing a song to your partner. Just enjoy each other’s company while spending the night away.

Valentine’s day does not need to be expensive or spend it outside of your home. You can be creative and unique. Sometimes less is more and being simple is more precious than being extravagant. The most important thing is that both of you remembered each other and have the time to spend a romantic and magical day together!

Happy Valentine’s to everyone!

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