So, how does this work?

Our exclusive, customized process gets right to the heart of what you’re looking for and gives the sparks a chance to fly—in four easy steps

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Why 4 steps?

In order to find you a great match, I have to know what makes you the way you are. That doesn’t happen in 15 minutes, and it certainly doesn’t happen through a series of check boxes and oversimplified “personal statements.” Once I understand what you really want and what you’re really like, I can introduce you to another Connectricity member—a unique individual whom I’ve met personally and gotten to know, just like you.

Step 1


Introductory consultation:

No pressure, no contract, no fees. You and I meet one-on-one and talk honestly about what you’re looking for. I’ll tell you about how I might be able to help.


To give me a leg up on understanding the kind of match is right for you, you fill out a simple questionnaire in anticipation of your free consultation.

Take the plunge

If you’re ready to get serious about finding someone who will truly make you happy, then we shake hands and I get busy finding him or her.

Step 2



No essays or frivolous questions for you to show how “quirky” you are, just some essential guideposts to help me get to know you.


Once I’ve received your assessment, I do some digging and meet with you to present photos and descriptions of your handpicked matches—high-caliber, engaging singles who see the world the way you do. Once we’ve found someone who sparks your interest, it’s time to get out there on some dates.

Step 3


Have some fun

Your date can be planned out for you in its entirety. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own imagination to make a memorable evening. I’ll be in touch afterwards to find out how it went.

Step 4


How did it go?

In our third meeting, you tell me about your date and I give you some informed feedback to help make the next one even better—whether it’s with the same person or with a new match. Dating should always be fun—and when it’s done right, it can also lead to rich personal growth.

Two paths

Sometimes it will be perfect from the get-go. Sometimes it won’t. In the former case, I’ll be in touch as much or as little as you’d like to give feedback and professional dating assistance. In the latter case, I’ll take what we’ve learned from the first date and present new matches, and we’ll rewind to Step 3: Date. I won’t stop until we’ve found someone who makes you excited about getting up in the morning.

Your story is about to take an interesting turn…

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