3 First Date Conversation Starters

The key to a great date isn’t simply in the venue or the excitement. Words are the way to any woman’s heart, so as you consider the most extravagant of romantic night ideas, bear in mind that what a real woman wants is someone who values them enough to get to know them. So, here are some first date conversation ideas to help you on the rocky road of sex and dating relationships.

1. Romantic Night Ideas: Start Simple. “How Was Your Day?”

It’s simple, and so very normal. Allowing someone to get honest about their day and unload their joys or struggles in such a straightforward way can create an easy, natural connection that’s far more important than having the most extravagant date night. Don’t worry about sounding boring or too ‘normal’ by leading off with a question like this. It’s a simple way to make your date feel valued and heard.

2. Are You Stuck on a Certain TV Show Right Now?

In the world of streaming, the variety is out there. People love to chat about their favorite television shows, for all of the drama, plot twists, and special effects. Let your date share about the show they’re stuck on as an opportunity to learn about their interests, or potentially to discover a commonality between you. TV preferences can say a whole lot about a person, and about whether or not your interests are compatible enough to move into the worlds of sex and dating relationships.

3. What Do You Do? If You Could Do Anything, What Would It Be?

Talking about work doesn’t need to be taboo. It also doesn’t need to be framed in a way that makes it seem like you’re simply sizing the other person up. Be interested in what they have to say. Pry and ask how they got into the work that they do. Let that open the door to discover more about their passions, interests, and long-term life goals.

Discussing work can be a loaded conversation and an important way to get to know someone better, and the best matchmaking site will agree. Keep the conversation simple at first, but don’t be afraid to get silly and push the boundaries a little if you feel like there’s good chemistry flowing. Sex and dating relationships thrive off genuine connection, and discovering connections through conversation are essential in the process of pulling off your romantic night ideas.

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