How to Date Your Bestfriend: Relationship Expert

Dating Your Best FriendMatters of the heart are always a bit messy, and the prospect of changing things between you and your best friend can be daunting, to say the least. Fear of how things will change in the long run may hold you back from pursuing that next step in your relationship, but here’s what you should consider when thinking about how to date your best friend.

They’re More Likely Than a Stranger to Fit

If you’re already great friends, then it doesn’t take a relationship expert to determine if you might be compatible romantically. If you’re long-term, committed friends, then the chances are that you and your best friend already have worked out the kinks in what it takes to have a type of committed relationship with each other. The level of commitment looks different, but the natural desire for connection with each other, and the preference for each other despite your mutual faults, is clearly there. If you already love spending time with them, what’s wrong with considering spending time with them in a more romantic capacity?

They Know You

The nuances of dating can feel stiff and awkward when it’s with people that you don’t know. Transitioning to dating your best friend provides you the glorious benefit of being with someone who already knows you on a deeper, more personal level. In considering how to date your best friend, a huge plus is that they know your likes, your dislikes, and vice versa. Making your best friend feel loved and understood is far less of a leap than it is for you to create that same feeling with someone new.

Nothing Is a Surprise

Dating a best friend provides you both the solace of already knowing each other for who you are—not just the façade that some people project whenever they first start dating. That familiarity means that there are no major cobwebs waiting to be discovered in anyone’s closet, whether it’s about past relationships or about bad habits, because it’s likely that you’ve already discussed these things openly before. If transitioning into a romantic relationship from a best friend kind of friendship, you can always get a relationship expert’s take anyway.

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