Dating a Single Mom: Things To Consider

The dating world has its fair share of landmines and codes to abide by, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re stepping into the dating game for the first time in a while. Dating a single mom can be an incredibly rewarding experience, one that comes with some distinct needs that any man should be aware of as they dive into this type of relationship.

It is Different, But There’s no Need to Freak Out

Women who have children may date differently than single women. Romantic night ideas might need to look a bit different as a result. Why is this? Well, they have at least one other person who will always take precedence over your relationship. That means that her time may be more limited, and her choosing to spend it with you means that much more.

Accept Her Priorities

Understanding that her children take precedence in a relationship is a way to show her that you care. Whenever schedules conflict over romantic night ideas, be flexible. If she invites you to do more kid-friendly activities for the sake of her children, again, be flexible. Recognize that there may be times when you both cater to the little ones, but that this won’t be a constant for every date you two go on. It’s simply part of the process.

Discipline is Not on You

As a boyfriend, not a father, it’s easy for you to know where to land on how to discipline your girlfriend’s children: you don’t. Let her take the lead in managing her kids, and respect her authority in that place. She’ll feel valued and supported whenever you support her discipline style rather than undermine it. The best matchmaking site advice couldn’t reinforce this point enough.

Be Reliable

This is a key characteristic of all sex and dating relationships. The best thing that you can be for your girlfriend with children is to be reliable. Be there to listen when she needs it. Let her vent about her kids, about her schedule, about how much she’d love to spend time with you… just let her be herself, and show up for it. It’s amazing how much this can reassure her, and encourage the relationship to develop in a deep and natural way.

Romantic night ideas, and navigating sex and dating relationships with a single mom, don’t have to be rocket science. The best matchmaking site advice can help you steer clear of potential landmines and stay on track with getting to connect with someone special.

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