7 Survival Tips For Long a Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships have been happening for longer than you think. Imagine couples who have their husband or wife working in another country. Or those whose partner may be studying or living in a different place?

Yes, long-distance relationships are already existing even before the time of modern technology. However, during the earlier days, it may take a long time before the mail will arrive or it can be very expensive to have long-distance calls.

Nowadays, waiting for calls or letters is a thing of the past. With modern technology all over the world, sending letters and even making calls are easy. Calls can even be in the form of video where communication can become more fun and intimate at the same time.

But of course, having a long-distance relationship or LDR is not easy. While communication becomes easy and convenient, the fear of staying positive in the relationship and keeping it from falling apart are just some of the hurdles and issues that couples may face.

And if you want to keep that fire burning in your relationship,

7 Survival Tips to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive

Try to have communication regularly

Even if your communication is not that long, make sure that you find a way to connect and talk in any way you can. Short text messages, emails, or a quick facetime can make a difference. This is a great time to keep things going despite the distance.

When you manage to have longer calls or conversations, make sure that you make them meaningful and fun. As much as possible, don’t talk about work problems and remain positive during your conversation.

Schedule as many visits as you can

It is vital to spend time together in person. Long-distance relationships can become imbalanced when communication is the only thing to do. While it can be difficult to always schedule a visit especially if you are miles apart, try to plan your trips ahead of time so that you and your partner have something to anticipate. When possible, sneak in surprise visits.

Respect your partner

Long-distance relationships demand far more tolerance and understanding than other types of relationships. Patience should be accompanied by respect. Long-distance relationships are common for a variety of reasons, and partners must respect those reasons to avoid animosity on either side.

Accept one other’s feelings about why one person wants to be here and another wants to be there, whether it is related to a career, family, climate, or interests. It can work as long as everyone respects each other’s values and is devoted to working things out.

Try to do things together as much as possible

While you’re at it, watch movies, cook dinner, and do Skype or any form of communication. Make it a point to include your partner in even the smallest details of your day. It may seem tedious to have your

partner on the phone the entire time while you’re both watching TV or cooking, but shared experiences are crucial in addition to long phone talks.

Keep on flirting

Maintaining the spark in any relationship after a certain amount of time has passed may be challenging. Hence, keeping the dynamic exciting and playful is essential. Become a seductress and try to be sexy when having phone calls or Skype. Whether you are sexting with your partner, sending alluring photos of yourself, flirting, or sending sexy gifts, investing some time and energy into the flirtatious side of a long-distance relationship is well worth the payoff.

This is because, without romance or flirting, your relationship can quickly become a friendship. So, make sure that you always fan that spark and get your flirt on – big time!

Work out your problems immediately

Like any other relationship, we all have arguments and problems. If you and your partner are having a disagreement, agree to put it aside for a particular amount of time, maybe 24 hours.

This will allow you both a chance to cool off, but not long enough for either of you to start worrying about whether the relationship is finished. It’s stressful and frightening to have your long-distance lover abandon you when they’re upset. Make a deal to settle all disagreements as soon as possible.

If something may have changed, talk about it

One of the things that you don’t want to happen, is falling out of love or starting to get distant with one another. If anything feels kinda off in your relationship, it’s crucial to start questioning if you’re still both on the same page. And no matter how difficult the conversation may seem it is important to know whether it’s time to call it quits.

Talk it out and ask what has changed and what is happening between you and your partner. If you suspect there is someone else, you should ask. Trust your gut feelings and talk about it.


Long-distance relationships require a great deal of sacrifice on both sides, but they are rewarding at the end of the day. There are many positives that you can’t simply take for granted. Anyone who enters into a long-term relationship does so because there are a lot of compelling reasons.

If you feel like the sacrifices and choices that you make in entering this type of relationship are worth it, then you will definitely find happiness and make it flourish for a long time. Good luck!

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